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Since 1997, when Richland Loan Processing Center (RLPC) began originating loans, our vision has remained consistent. We offer customized services to help our business partners meet their specific needs rather than requiring them to accommodate a servicer's platform and service offerings. Because of our specialization, we offer a unique level of service that cannot be found in a "one size fits all" organization.

RLPC is committed to setting itself apart by:

  • Providing a flexible lending platform.
  • Specializing in loan originations. All-in-one servicers originate loans but are heavily focused on billing and collections where they generate their income. We tailor our services to originations in order to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.
  • Focusing on building relationships based on trust and consistency.
  • Offering a unique customer experience through personal assistance with direct staff-to-client access.
  • Ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance in underwriting by our knowledgeable and experienced team.
  • Safeguarding loan quality resulting in a solid foundation for each loan program.

RLPC provides customized loan origination services. Lenders can trust their products are developed and managed as specified. We build relationships with both clients and applicants by working one-on-one with them and providing a level of customer service that only an organization specializing in originations can. Our commitment to quality, regulatory compliance, and exceptional customer service shines through all we do.

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